Debbie Slocum

“In June of 2007, we acquired a company and were fortunate enough to get some much-needed top talent at the executive level. At the same time, we were just starting to really embrace the PI® tool and use it, not only for recruiting purposes, but as a strategic management tool. We had conducted, with the help of John Ranalletta of ADVISA, training workshops to executive staff and our managers. John also facilitated a workshop to implement our processes for strategic planning and goal setting/key performance indicators. We have used ADVISA and the PI tool to help us in our annual talent review sessions as well as for coming up with development action plans based on a person’s motivational drives. We’ve created workshops using the PI tool for team building. Specific to sales, Heather Haas of ADVISA developed and trained our field salespeople in Customer-Focused Selling, combining the PI tool along with it. I truly believe we would have lost one of our top talents, who is now the senior VP of NA Sales and Marketing, if it hadn’t been, in part, for this process and tool. It allowed us to recognize what his motivators were. We knew that we had to develop plans around his highest A and B drives, along with his low D. This pointed us in the right direction, and we could see from his profile that these were exactly what we needed in the position. It also allowed us consider structuring his position to meet these needs. We couldn’t offer a huge salary and bonus structure based on the business conditions. So we had to offer him control, with opportunities to do it his way and the ability to lead people on his own terms.”