New Offering! Emerging Leader Series

a changing marketplace

There is a fundamental shift taking place in the landscape of the US labor market.  Consider the following:

  • For the past several years and for the next many years, 10,000 Baby Boomers a day will reach 65.
  • The Millennial generation now comprises close to 50% of the labor pool. In many of your organizations, Millennials already account for a far greater percentage of the employee population.
  • 36% of the overall workforce is eligible for retirement and 48% of the management workforce is eligible for retirement. Many of you are referring to the potential unprecedented loss of institutional knowledge that may occur over the next several years as a “cliff event.”
  • Because of these shifts, it is anticipated that there will be little or no growth in the size of the talent pool for the next 15 years.

We hear from many of you that recruiting, engaging and retaining Millennial talent has become critical to your success.  We also know that the #1 reason that Millennials leave jobs is a perceived lack of development opportunities and that 40% of Millennials want to serve in a leadership capacity.

As a response to the above, we have added the Emerging Leader Series to our offerings.  This leadership development series is tailored to the unique needs of those who are early in their career journey, are high performing individual contributors, and who want to learn more about management as a possible springboard to their first formal leadership role. The Emerging Leader Series is specifically designed with the Millennial learner in mind.

  • It’s 100% virtual with weekly touchpoints for six months. The series offers a “best of both worlds” blend of self-directed, “any time, any place learning” and facilitated virtual group sessions using the Zoom video platform.
  • Content is delivered in bite-sized chunks that learners can consume all at once and immediately apply the insight gained. This approach fits with attention and scheduling demands of today’s learners.
  • Topics are supported by a mobile app that reinforces goal-setting and behavior change.

We think we’ve only done our job as trainers when participants make meaningful shifts because of our training experiences. We’re enrolling now for our next cohort. Learn more about the Emerging Leader Series.

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