How to Culturize PI and Maximize ROI

At ADVISA, we believe that weaving Predictive Index® into already existing structures will not only create a common language but drive behaviors that will have a positive impact on culture.

Weaving The Predictive Index® into all parts of your organization will ensure it becomes part of the day-to-day experience. So what does that look like in action?


Leadership Meetings:

  • Have each leader briefly describe his or her self pattern (5 sentences). Make sure there is at least one mention of what the person needs to feel most engaged at work.
  • Share an example of how you successfully adapted your natural leadership style in order to better manage. [If you can’t think of one, share a reflection where you offered leadership/direction. How was it delivered? Given the person you were leading, how well did your leadership align with his/her needs?]
  • Discuss a recent interaction with an employee where you considered his or her motivating needs. How did you handle it, what was the response, what did you learn?
  • Describe your most recent coaching situation. How did you connect your coaching/advice/direction to what that individual needs?


Interactions with employees:

  • Share a readback with one employee per week. Remember these helpful tips and prepare in advance.
  • Consider your last 10 emails or communications with your employees. Did you consider the receivers’ PI profiles? How might your communication land given what those individuals need?
  • When was the last time you recognized an employee? How was that delivered and, given the person’s profile, did it meet his or her needs?
  • Before your most recent 1:1 feedback or performance review, did you look at the person’s profile in advance? How did that inform your approach?



  • When was the last time that you mentioned your own PI profile when working with a colleague? What was the context? Did it improve the situation?
  • When did you last hear a colleague mention something about PI? What was the context? Was the conversation about ‘Needs’ or ‘Behaviors’? Remember, it’s best to talk about PI in terms of needs vs. saying “you do,” “she will” or “he does.”
  • Are you hearing PI-speak between employees? If so, what is the context? Are any high/low drives being talked about more positively than others? Remember, all PI drives (both high and low) can be strengths AND challenges depending on the job and the requirements of a position/situation.



  • What are the requirements of the job to which you’re comparing a candidate’s profile? Do you have a job assessment (benchmark) that reflects the position?
  • How has a candidate’s PI profile impacted the questions asked in the interview process?
  • Are candidates consistently completing the PI before 1:1 time is committed to that candidate in the hiring process? If no, what is the obstacle?
  • Given the required knowledge, skills, and abilities, how much will the PI fit-to-job influence this hiring decision?
  • Do the individuals who are conducting the hiring process have easy access to the PI data they need to better inform the process?
  • How does the candidate’s profile compare to incumbents? If hired, how will this candidate compare to the team? To the manager?
  • If the candidate is hired, how is the PI data being used to most effectively onboard the individual? Will his or her needs be met in the first 90 days?

I hope this is helpful in continuing to embed (or even kick-start!) the Predictive Index® within your organization.

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