Get the most out of your people by evaluating performance + potential


Optimizing talent starts with understanding and evaluating your talent in terms of performance and potential.

The 9Box tool for evaluating talent is not new, but here’s a new twist.  What if you began to define for people what it would take to get to the next level.  That is, if you have a “Trusted Professional,” help them put together a concrete development plan for moving up that includes specific performance targets, skills to be mastered or competencies to demonstrate.



And, consider whether your current leaders and managers have the skills to coach others and truly help their people move “up and over” on the 9Box.  Do they understand that their highest point of contribution to the organization is actually developing the people below them?

If your leaders need to build their capacity to coach and develop others, ADVISA can help.  From executive coaching to short courses to year-long leadership academies, we can help you optimize your leaders so they can optimize others.

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