Aloha! [ADVISA client Fizziology’s “Find Your Inspiration” program]

I recently visited Hawaii for the first time and as I watched new groups of vacationers arrive and settle in, I noticed something interesting taking place. After the first couple of days even the most serious-looking business types were wearing funny shirts and had flowers around their necks. It seemed as if the shirts and flowers had an almost magical effect, opening up their wearers to new possibilities, perspectives, and connections. I have come to call this the “vacation state of mind.”

Vacations often allow us to experience ourselves and our lives in new ways. They can provide opportunities to appreciate the beauty around us, reconnect with important people in our lives, stretch ourselves to try new things, and appreciate art and culture. The vacation cadence itself often provides the time and mental space necessary for the kind of creative and generative thinking that leads to “big thoughts.” We return to our homes and workplaces renewed, enriched and, in many ways, fuller than when we left.

What if, instead of having such an abrupt distinction between work and vacation, we could intentionally extend and harness the power of the “vacation state of mind.” One of our clients, Fizziology, has found a way to do just that with their Find Your Inspiration (FYI) program…

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