How to Nurture Company Culture to Inspire Loyalty

Guest Post from ADVISA Partner ExactHire

By: Tom Branson 

Once upon a time, work was pretty straightforward. You grew or crafted something and sold it in return for something; or you labored for someone and then received something in return. That was a long, long time ago.

Today, work is more complicated. At its foundation is the same quid pro quo, but the sheer number of goods and services–and the competition to produce, market, and sell them– is staggering. The result is a labor economy that is far more complex than “once upon a time.”

But if we defer a discussion of modern labor economics for another day and focus on what remains the same–a worker’s something in exchange for an employer’s something–then we can begin to see the importance of work culture.

Culture Is Everything

Everything that employers offer employees beyond salary is an element of work culture. Benefits, health care, social activities, professional development, “free stuff,” flexible work schedules, office space, and furniture–even company policies–constitute culture. In short, an organization’s work culture is the sum of all “things” that create and color an employee’s experience.

So why does work culture fail to get the attention of management and senior leadership? Perhaps it’s because work culture is treated like a fairy tale. Too often the primary objective of a fairy tale (teaching values and morals) is lost in the fantastic tale (giants and beanstalks). For many business owners and leaders, the true impact of work culture (attracting talent, retaining employees, increasing productivity) is lost in the oft-maligned “non-work” (praising, entertaining, and involving employees).

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