Why is everyone talking about engagement?

Interest in creating a high-engagement work culture is the natural response of strategic business leaders determined to maximize results despite the challenges they face in their particular industry.  Across the world of work, there is no letup in sight to the pressures created by:

  • the pace of change
  • increasing complexity
  • the relentless nature of competition
  • a shrinking labor force.

Research shows us that high-engagement work cultures help attract and retain top performers; improve customer satisfaction and retention; and help optimize productivity.

What is an engaged employee?  What is a high-engagement work culture?

An engaged employee is a consistently high performer who is committed to the organization and willingly invests his or her talent and discretionary effort.

High-engagement work cultures have these common attributes:

  • employees receive clear expectations and the support necessary to achieve them
  • fit between a person and their job is emphasized and prioritized
  • recognition is frequent and widespread
  • employees have ample access to development opportunities and career growth
  • employees have clear opportunities for “having a voice” or influence
  • a meaningful line of sight is drawn between daily work and a larger mission
  • the workforce and leadership staff have a strong two-way flow of feedback.

How does ADVISA fit in?

At ADVISA, we are working side-by-side with our clients to develop proactive engagement strategies every day. Contact us to learn more about the tools, training and advice that can transform your work culture.

Take Five!

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