Ohio Real Title Doubles Employees, Increases Revenue through PI®

What keeps small business owners up at night? According to this Fast Company article, growing revenue and hiring new employees are #1 and #2 on that list. That’s why we took notice when our client, Ohio Real Title, both more than doubled its employees Ohio Real Titleand increased its revenue by 160% since partnering with ADVISA in 2012 to implement PI® and annual strategic planning.

Ryan Marrie, the General Manager, wanted to grow. By evaluating top performers, they discovered that key roles required something different than they’d thought. “I was able to recognize that I wasn’t focusing on the proper strengths and I adjusted my mindset and the PROs with what we wanted with each role. With the right team and tools to find more staff firmly in place, I was able to focus my time on growth. I have been able to delegate some authority and responsibilities to key managers that I have put in place. I recently had them go through PI training so that we can talk the same PI language. This has allowed me even more time to focus on the continued growth of the company.”

Ohio Real Title is #1 in their market; one of the top 52 fastest growing companies in Cleveland and recognized as a top workplace in NE Ohio from Cleveland.Com/Plain Dealer – one of the things that makes Ryan really proud. Ryan says, “People are our greatest asset and the key to our success. Things are great because I have great people. Great employees, great vendors, great clients. We try to treat each group the best that we can and as a result have earned their loyalty and trust. It does all start with great staff though, and we would not have the people in place that we do without ADVISA. We would not be where we are today without having a strategic partner in ADVISA.”

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