Fredricka F. Joyner, Ph.D., Honored for Excellence in Research

Certificate for Excellence in ResearchWe are delighted to share that our leadership and organizational development consultant, Fredricka F. Joyner, Ph.D., has received special recognition for a paper she co-authored: “Engineering as a Social Activity: Preparing Engineers to Thrive in the Changing World of Work.”

The manuscript has been downloaded 1,037 times – more than any other in the issue in which it was published. It was co-authored with Derek T.Y. Mann, and Todd Harris, and published in the American Journal of Engineering Education, Spring 2012 edition.

In the paper, Fredricka and her co-authors make the case for integrating emotional intelligence into the curriculum for graduate engineering students. They argue that the changing global work environment requires :

  • deep collaboration
  • working across traditional boundaries
  • working in contexts with unprecedented levels of diversity.

This work context demands that engineers bring strong emotional intelligence, along with technical skills, to their job tasks. The paper describes the results of a multi-year research study of engineers and technical professionals in an MBA program that included emotional intelligence assessment and instruction.

Join us in congratulating Fredricka for a job well done!  If you would like, you may download your own copy of her research here.