Client post: John Ulrich, Lacks Trim Systems

Lacks Enterprises, Inc. has been an ADVISA client since 2006. John Ulrich, supply chain manager, became a certified analyst in February 2016. Lacks is a client of Bob Wilson’s, Chairman and Founder of ADVISA. 

I’d used PI for a number of years before going through proper certification training. I had always found it a useful tool for recruiting and interviewing, but had never taken it much further. They say you don’t know what you don’t know, and this has never been more Lacks Enterprises 2true for me after attending the certification training and unlocking the true potential of PI as a tool for leadership.

The wealth of knowledge about an individual that presents itself through PI analysis is vast, with applications ranging from recruiting and organizational structuring to developing better training and succession plans. Yet, for a leader, it goes much deeper than that. The PI gives a much clearer picture of how a manager affects their team, both positively and negatively. It provides insight into how a leader can present themselves more effectively so they can provide a better environment for the development of their team. For the analytical manager these tools can help foster better understanding of what drives them, and what drives their team, and how to manage the gaps in those drives. Furthermore PI provides tools for better analyzing the chemistry of a team, a department, and an organization.

So who benefits from this? First and foremost, results driven leaders stand to gain the greatest direct benefit from the tools and processes covered in the training process. The tools PI provides allow data driven managers to convert the intangible aspects of successful leadership into measurable, attainable actions. Through implementation of these actions their team gains a better environment for their own successful development. Effective actions, guided by the data provided in the PI tools can lead to improvements in morale within a team, organically spreading to improve the culture of an organization. The entire organization, and everyone within it, benefits from this.

Whether you desire to motivate your employees, foster a better culture within your team, create better development and succession plans for the growth of your organization, or more effectively recruit the next generation of your company, the tools you need are contained within The Predictive Index. All that remains is learning how to use them. It has been my experience that the certification process provided through Advisa is the most comprehensive method of unlocking the potential PI provides to your organization.

John Ulrich
Supply Chain Manager
Lacks Trim Systems


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