A Client’s Journey from Doubter to Fan

Max Yoder, CEO of tech start-up Lessonly, says he was dubious of the value of behavioral assessments until he tried the Predictive Index® for himself, received uncannily accurate results, and was faced with the need to double the size of his 10-person team.

He shares his story in a recent article he wrote for The Huffington Post: “From Unbeliever to Hallelujah: Why Lessonly uses Predictive Index to Make Better Hiring Decisions.”  

In the article, Max tells about meeting ADVISA Director of Client Service Brian Millis at the very time Lesson.ly had received $1.1 million in funds and needed to hire.  Lesson.ly develops and sells training software, is based in Indianapolis, and was recently honored as Start-up of the Year by Indiana’s tech community.

Brian showed how the Predictive Index profiles of the current Lesson.ly team provided clarity in organizing them for explosive growth. “He had never met them, but it sure sounded like he had,” Max writes.

“Now, every time we hire, we use the assessments as another tool in our toolkit,” Max says.  In addition, PI® data provides the Lesson.ly leadership team with insight for on-boarding, performance recognition, and feedback.

“You see, X might love public praise, while Y thinks it’s embarrassing and would much prefer a private email expressing gratitude,” Max says.

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