In Social Media Roles, PI® Data Counters Hiring Assumptions

Raidious CEO and Founder Taulbee Jackson has built his digital marketing company by convincing clients to re-think traditional approaches.  Along the way, he has done some re-thinking of traditional approaches himself, jettisoned staffing assumptions, and achieved a 90 percent retention rate.

“What we learned was completely counter-intuitive to the direction we were originally heading with our approach to staffing,” writes Taulbee in his new book, The Owned Media Doctrine:  Marketing Operations Theory, Strategy, and Execution for the 21st Century Real-Time Brand, written with co-author Erik Deckers.

“One might assume that if a person is very active personally on social, that they would make a great social media manager.  This is actually the opposite of what we’ve found,” Taulbee writes.

“One of the dirty little secrets of owned media is that it is not glamorous.  Not even a little bit.  It is a grind.  It is mentally very challenging and exhausting, and the work itself can become repetitive over time.  It takes a lot of “sit-ability” and a high tolerance for repetition and attention to detail to do many of these jobs well,” he writes.

Since very early in the history of Raidious, Taulbee and his team used Predictive Index® and Performance Requirement Options™ (PRO) data to inform their staffing decisions.

“BJ McKay, ADVISA and Predictive Index saved us untold time, money and stress by helping us understand what kind of person we needed in each of these roles.  I would highly recommend contacting them before you hire anyone,” Taulbee writes.

Intrigued?  Try out Predictive Index for yourself.  Learn more about Raidious and their awesome work.  Read more from, or better yet, buy Taulbee’s book.