From Line Producer to Manager: Clearly Defining the Differences

Success in a production position is not necessarily an indicator of success in managing that same job.

For some, this statement may seem to be counterintuitive.  If one is successful in a job role, doesn’t it logically follow that he/she knows well the position requirements and the pitfalls to be avoided?  Therefore, becoming a manager of others in that same role is an easy step, right?

The fact is this kind of thinking doesn’t take into consideration the very real differences between managing and being an individual contributor.  Our own Aszure Gray details these in her article From Line Producer to Manager: Clearly Defining the Differences published in a recent edition of Production Machining magazine.

Aszure also outlines the role a personality assessment such as Predictive Index® can play in taking the guesswork out of candidate selection as well as the impact that making a good match has on productivity (re: the bottom line).