Customer Stories: Applying Workforce Analytics for Sales Growth

HCI Webinar Nov 2013If you are looking for examples of how companies are using analytics to drive sales success and create high-performance sales cultures, look no further.

Autonation, Husqvarna Construction Products; and Rothmans and Benson and Hedges Inc. (the Canadian affiliate of Philip Morris International) shared their stories last week in a webinar hosted by the Human Capital Institute. (The recorded webinar as well as slides in PDF format are available here.)

Here are a few highlights:

  • Marta Vasquez, Commercial Training and Development Lead at Rothmans and Benson and Hedges Inc., an affiliate of Philip Morris International,  shared her story of improving the value of training and development activities by using the PI® and the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ with their sales team to focus efforts on identified gaps. The result was improvements in employee morale and engagement as measured by an employee survey; as well as 37% savings on development activities.
  • Brian Kramer, General Manager of Lexus of Clearwater – an AutoNation Company – told about how using Predictive Index® helped identify ways to re-align job assignments and resulted in an increase in sales of 167% at the associate level and 20% company-wide.
  • Debbie Slocum, Director of Human Resources at Husqvarna Construction Products, shared a timeline of how she and the executive team used PI, SSAT & other tools to identify skill & behavioral gaps; provided customized training; and then re-assessed their sales team.  The result? HCP rebounded from the recession much better than the industry average.