At Last: The Leadership Academy

Early in my time with ADVISA (now more than 4 years ago), I started hearing clients talk about leadership development needs. They didn’t know what to offer to hot shots who they wanted to retain, but who needed some time to develop and some leadership skills. Or there was the leader who was great in many ways, but always looking for improvement and they didn’t want another off-the-shelf 2-day training program. Perhaps there was a leader who had learned a lot through the Predictive Index Management Workshop™, but he or she needed a volume of practical skills, like how to have difficult conversations, or how to plan and negotiate change. My colleagues and I kept listening and offering what we could but knew that we could do more.

And now, more is here!

I am very proud of the program we’ve established through the leadership of Dr. Fredricka Joyner Ph.D., who has a long history of crafting meaningful development experiences for leaders. I know I’m biased, but truly, this program has it all:

  • training on skills that are critical for results, such as change management, strategic planning and having difficult conversations
  • education on emotional intelligence and a personal EQi assessment
  • an individualized personal development plan to reinforce learning on the job
  • one-on-one coaching.
  • a community of peers.

It’s a full year of intensive development that builds the effectiveness of leaders and improves their contribution to your bottom line. I might just have to register as a participant myself!

We’ve started having great conversations with clients who want their top emerging leader to be part of the inaugural cohort. Sooner than we even hoped, clients are also asking us to look at offering this program within their company because they are looking at their leadership pipeline and what their company needs over the next 5-10 years. It’s great to see years of idea sharing and exploration with clients come to this point. I can’t wait for January 21st when the group gathers for the first time and the transformative year begins.

If maximizing the impact of your current leaders is on your mind, or you’re thinking about succession planning and building your next generation of leaders, we’d love to talk with you. Stay tuned for stories of change and inspiration from our Academy!

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