Workplace Excellence: Six Fundamentals I Have Learned

Through the years, I have learned many things about creating workplace excellence.  The following is a list of six fundamentals that I believe provide the foundation for all the rest.  While some of these items may seem obvious, it is perhaps the most obvious lessons that are the hardest to learn:

  1. Know yourself.  It is very difficult to manage what we don’t understand.  Strive for deeper self-awareness.
  2. Be disciplined.  Nothing of value comes cheap or easy.
  3. Time is a finite resource.  Once spent, we can never reclaim it.  On the other hand, if we invest our time wisely, we can make the time we spend in the future more valuable.  During Predictive Index® training, you spent three valuable days learning new techniques and tools.  Use the tools to save time and effort every day.   If you do this, those three days can pay dividends in future time saved.
  4. Change is hard.  Likely, you learned that managing others in a way that makes sense for them requires that you deny yourself the very things that satisfy you.  If you are impatient, writing out processes for your high C employees is a chore.  If you are introspective, taking time to notice the specialness in others will seem unnecessary.  If you are more team oriented, confronting conflict and taking a stand may make you feel uncomfortable.  If you are a perfectionist challenged to make guesses about future events or outcomes, you will worry more.
  5. Change is hardest at first.  When you start to see people respond to your efforts in positive ways, the changes you are making will become easier, more natural and maybe even fun.
  6. You have the ability to change peoples’ lives in very meaningful ways.  Low B’s will think this is corny, but try for a “lollipop moment” ( ) every day.  PI® will help you find them.  With your PI knowledge, you can see the world through others’ eyes; PI helps you understand what they need; and, how you can bring out the best they have to offer.