Ten Ways to Keep PI® Alive

Whether you are a Predictive Index® newbie or a longtime power user, it can pay off big to consciously re-commit yourself to weaving the lessons and applications of PI® into everyday work life until it becomes second nature.  Here is a list of ideas to do just that:

  1. Lead by example.  Think about it.  Use it.  Talk about it.  Let others hear that it’s key to how you’re doing your work.
  2. Attend a PI® Fridays webinar.  Or all of them – with a group of fellow analysts or by yourself.
  3. Attend a PI face-to-face event.  Dust off your memory and get the details and nuances of PI fresh in your mind again at a PI Refresher ½ day event.  Bring a specific challenge to a PI® Problem-Solving session (also ½ day).  Or spend a whole day with our experts and other PI users at the 2013 PI® User Group meeting.
  4. Host a “Using PI” gathering of your fellow analysts at your company.  Take turns sharing how you’re using PI or a situation in which you’d like others to lend PI perspective.  Your consultant could facilitate this or you could.  Perhaps these become a regular event for you!
  5. Attend the Intro to StrategicHiring webinar.  Consider new ways to use PI in your hiring process.  If you want more support, check out StrategicHiring Boot Camp or arrange for an StrategicHiring Audit.
  6. Register for an e-Learning class.  Learn more about Course 1200: Predictive Index® Review and Course 1210: Delivering Powerful Predictive Index®Feedback here.
  7. Review an archived PI® Fridays slide deck.  Review the list of topics and choose one that you’re fuzzy on.  Don’t miss the slide annotations in the upper corner of every slide.
  8. Peruse our blog.  Or search for specific topics.
  9.  Have a strategic conversation with your consultant.  Talk about your business needs within the four impact areas and put together a plan for how to use PI in those areas.