Can Science Improve Sales Performance?

A new book by PI Worldwide CEO Nancy Martini says “yes” and backs it up with more than a dozen real-life examples of how scientific measurement improved sales performance.

Leveraging her 30 years of sales strategy and performance management experience, Martini and co-author Geoffrey James, a journalist who writes a daily column for, show how statistically valid measurement can improve every element of the sales environment.  (Full disclosure: ADVISA is a PI Worldwide-member firm.)

Martini and James detail examples of how sales teams were measured and how those metrics changed as a result of better hiring practices and better targeted coaching and sales training.

Examples include:

  • Descriptions of how the Clark-Mortenson Agency used assessment tools to provide individual sales people with personalized overviews of their strengths as well as skill areas that present opportunities for growth.
  • Details on how Yankee Candle used scientific measurement to identify the right people to hire, and then used customer case studies and role-playing to focus on leveraging each individual’s natural behavior to sell. In turn, the brand helped sales revenue for trained individuals increase as much as 40 percent.
  • Specifics on Meadowbrook Golf’s program “Managing for Individual Success” and how the company employed scientific testing and measurement to help its top managers understand what motivates their employees.

As a special offer, we are making available a free download of the first chapter. Go here to read Chapter One. The book is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at other favorite booksellers.

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