I-It vs. I-You. How are Sales Superstars created?

I-It = Viewing people solely as instruments to be used toward our own goals.  I am “I-It” when I care not at all about your feelings but only about what I want from you.

I-You = A special bond, an attuned closeness that is often-but of course not always-found between husbands and wives, family members, and good friends.

When we are in I-It mode we treat other people as means to an end.  In the I-You mode, our relationship with them becomes an end in itself.  (Daniel Goleman; Social Intelligence)

So, how are sales superstars created?  I-You and I-It is how.  Let’s define a sales superstar – an individual who consistently achieves above average revenue results while maintaining a role as a consummate team player and positive employee role model.  Would you like to have more of them?  Me too!

I-You and I-It cuts to the heart of this conversation.  In selling situations we can find ourselves on the wrong end of an I-It conversation.  The “I” is the prospect and the it, more often than not, is the sales person.  The salesperson feels objectified, disrespected, made to feel small, and often a second-class citizen.  That is what being “It” feels like.  Not something you want to do for a living.  It is unsustainable for most mere mortals.

The I-It is also a glass ceiling for sales superstar impostors.  These are the individuals who produce sheer numbers but tend to be a negative influence and suffer from “too-heavy-to-handle” ego.  They are the “I” and the company and clients are the “It.”  Meant to serve their own ends.  As you can imagine, this is also unsustainable.

I-You is the secret.  “I” actually care and am interested about “You,” regardless of any positive outcomes for me — where I ask questions that strike to the heart of problems that matter to you and are relevant.   Not, simply the problems that happen to be solved by my products or services.  The I-You is the person who legitimately cares about others, and in turn, others trust that person.  They should.  These are the gems that take a reasonably good sales team and turn them into super heros.

The great news, in most cases, is that this mindset can be trained to those willing to learn them.  Like anything else, there has to be a will to become better, and an authentic passion for what you are selling and the good it brings to clients.

Do you have a sincere interest in re-engineering the human side of your business?  Contact me.

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