Succession Planning Process Discussion

This Friday at 9:00 am Eastern, I’ll be hosting the 5th PI Friday’s with Bob session – this one on Succession Planning. If you’re interested, you can register by clicking here.

I’ll be discussing the importance of creating a succession planning process for yourself and why that can be important to your own promotion. Additionally, you’ll hear about the link between succession planning and leadership development, the dangers of jumping to PI conclusions when replacing a colleague, and finally a broad brushed approach to creating a succession plan within your own organization arising from your strategic planning efforts.

This ideal approach to succession planning will be wide ranging – talking about matching your succession plan to your strategic planning implementation – looking to assure that desired cultural shifts take place while matching people to the work they will be doing; while creating overall organizational alignment. The discussion will also involve multiple looks into the current requirements of the job – including aspects as Key Performance Requirements, intelligence measures, competencies and others. Finally, I’ll address how one can fill the gaps between where someone is currently operating and where you want them to be.

I look forward to your joining me Friday morning for this discussion. And if you’re not available for an hour this Friday morning, join me on April 29th at 9:00 for the next PI Friday’s discussion which will be about the A drive.

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