Dancing with the passengers

The cruise ship captain may not want to dine and dance with the passengers, but meeting their personal needs and wants makes for a more highly profitable cruise.

In a recent study I conducted to identify personality traits of successful sales people, the findings showed the most successful revenue generators are:

  • Quick to connect to people;
  • Comfortable making risk decisions; and,
  • Optimistic

If your response is “go figure”, I understand. Who wants to deal with pessimistic hard liners who send calls to voicemail?

On the other hand, you may not think “go figure” when you see the results of a more recent study of global operations managers. Why? Because the most successfull ops managers had the same three success traits as sales people in the earlier study.

What’s the lesson?

The differences between the higher performers and their peers on the lower end of the performance rankings lay in how they behave; and, any of us can learn those success behaviors. To impart those lesssons, new manager training programs should include the Predictive Index ManagementWorkshop™ in establishing how to supervise people; and, PI® is the pre-employment assessment clients use to identify these traits in job candidates.

In you’re in Michigan, Indiana or western Ohio, call or email to set up a Predictive Index® demo with your leadership team.

John Ranalletta



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