Motivational Sales Training

Historically, I’ve had a jaundiced perspective on much of what passes for corporate sales training.  Prior to living in the consulting world with Predictive Index® (where I’ve resided for the last 23 years), much of my response to the sales training I’d received was, “Most of you guys are fired up (I never was).  But, what did you learn?”  Frequently the answer, in terms of usable skills and / or improvement in sales call objectives, was nothing or very close to it.

Yet, the sales team being trained left with a buzz and there was frequently a short-term bump in sales effort and results.  It sure didn’t make sense to me.  Now, with the help of PI®, I get what happened.  I’m not a highest B.  Many salespeople are.  Highest B’s performance is influenced by how they feel.  If they get pumped up from attending training and it makes them feel better, performance will increase and thus, the training does have value.  Bingo.

But, if the value is short term and not sustainable, was the money spent the best value that could have been derived?

Sales training should be motivational – especially, if aimed at a high B audience.  But, it also needs to present skills that are backed by research that yield sustainable results.  Ideally, corporate sales training should also have a component that reinforces what’s taught through coaching.  That’s what I like about our Customer-Focused Selling™ program.  Sales people leave energized and with skills and tools that are directly related to their business and meeting their sales call objectives.  Additionally, we provide their managers with a mentoring program that allows them to combine the sales and sales management skills they’ve learned with the insight provided by PI to assure that the value of the training becomes instilled in the sales force for the long term.

That’s what I call motivational sales training.  It yields results.  That motivates me.