Bob's Hiring Strategy Is No More

My plan for growing the business the last 15 years has been pretty simple – build and grow a full service, people-based strategic consulting company.  As we’ve travelled down that road, when we had enough money available and there was an opportunity for someone to jump in and grow a part of the business, I’ve generally initiated the effort to find someone, worked with others to hire and train them and watched what happened.  It’s been a blast.

Yes, we’ve incorporated the very good ideas of our team into the strategic planning process and they’ve driven the specifics of much of the trip, but the simple organizational planning outlined above has been the underlying mission to this point – and it’s worked pretty well.

While business hasn’t been great the last several months, we have been making a little money.  So, naturally, I started thinking about where we could invest those profits in a new person.

It didn’t take a lot of thought – the spot was obvious.  Advisa Hiring has launched a suite of new services and is positioned for strong growth.  However, their manager is also developing services involving 360 assessments and coaching as well as programs to deliver HR best practices to our clients.  Could we better capture all that opportunity with another person thrown in the mix?

When I ran the question past Heather (our COO) and Dana (the manager of Advisa Hiring) to see what they thought, they were initially excited, but after careful thought, demurred.  They both saw the opportunity – but wanted to stick with the strategic planning approach we laid out earlier in the year.  They wanted to see the changes made in Advisa Hiring take root before introducing more change.  They wanted any new hiring to come about based on our strategic needs and didn’t feel that we had those clearly defined.  In short, they didn’t want to create a mess and figure out how to deal with it later (kind of how I’d done it in the past) – rather, they wanted to operate from a plan that would be clear from the start that would minimize mess and maximize the chance of success.

I smiled and agreed.  We’re growing a business and the business is maturing.  I’ve surrounded myself with smart people and am gradually ceding the helm to them.  Gone are the days when seizing opportunities took precedence over all else.  Bob’s hiring strategy is no more.  That doesn’t mean the overarching strategy is changing.  How we’re accomplishing it is though.  And that’s probably a very good thing for Advisa.