What do you love about your job?

What do you love about your job?


Last week we had a mini strategic planning retreat among our consultants at Advisa.  As is typical for these kinds of things, it had both positive and negative moments and aspects.  One of the most impactful began when Jay Hawreluk, one of our most successful consultants, described why he loved his job.  After he finished, he asked everyone in the room to do the same.  It was a terrific and totally ad hoc exercise that was not part of the strategic planning workshop.


Every person took their turn and their answers were fascinating.  I heard and felt passion, sincerity, enthusiasm and saw smiles and laughter, all of which came from the symbiotic blending of people working at something that they love.  What could build a confident organization with engaged employees more, better or faster than that?


It was interesting that the discussion was about “love” and not “like”.  Love is a word I’ve always (personally) used sparingly.  It carries commitment. It doesn’t happen much (at least to me).  Liking isn’t so special.  To like is something you can feel about a hot dog.  Love is a descriptor that for me holds a burden of “truth” that I don’t ever use lightly.  To love is special.


To love a job is special too.  And I do think most of our people view their jobs as more than jobs – they view what they do as a calling (see our CEO Newsletter “Jobs, Careers or Callings” http://www.advisausa.com/newsletters/CEOFeb05.pdf) – something they “love”.


What about you?  Do you love your job?  What do you love about it?  What about your people?  Do they love their jobs?  If you haven’t asked them that question, why don’t you?  And if they don’t love their jobs, what are you going to do about it?  Shouldn’t it be your job as a leader to see that each person working under and around you has as much to love about their jobs as they possibly can?  How can you expect real work satisfaction and employee productivity from your people if they don’t love something, in fact most things, about their work?


As I listened to every consultant at Advisa speak passionately about the work that they loved I noticed that in most cases, what they described was what they spent most of their time doing.  Nothing could have made me prouder than listening to the varied testimonials.


Shouldn’t you be striving to create jobs and an environment that your people can love?